Structure Style: Cantilever Style
Control System: VICHOR Waterjet Software Suite
Power Supply: 3-Phase, 380VAC, 50Hz
Nominal Power: 6.79hp (5kW)
Ambient Operating Temperature: Min.: 40˚F (5˚C); Max.: 104˚F (40˚C)
Maximum Supported Material Load: 102.4 lbs/sq ft (500 kg/sq meter)

Repeatability Accuracy: ±0.0004″ (±0.01mm)
Cutting Accuracy: ±0.004″ (±0.1mm)
Max. Cutting Speed: 118.11″/min (3,000mm/min)
X-axis Max. Moving Speed: 236.22″/min (6,000mm/min)
Y-axis Max. Moving Speed: 236.22″/min (6,000mm/min)
Z-axis Max. Moving Speed: 39.37″/min (1,000mm/min)

ModelX-axis TravelY-axis TravelZ-axis Travel
VICHOR WCM-C20102000mm1000mm150mm
VICHOR WCM-C20152000mm1500mm150mm
VICHOR WCM-C25152500mm1500mm150mm
VICHOR WCM-C30153000mm1500mm150mm
VICHOR WCM-C30203000mm2000mm150mm
VICHOR WCM-C40154000mm1500mm150mm
VICHOR WCM-C40204000mm2000mm150mm
VICHOR WCM-C60206000mm2000mm150mm

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