Italy ECS CNC 905s System


The Italy ECS CNC 905s System is ideal for waterjet cutting machine application and it is complete with a small but powerful CAM, called Shape CAM, that allows choosing the basic profile operating and setting the start and stop points beyond that their relative parameters.

That CAM, in addition, allows applying a series of attributes to the selected profile, with a graphic simulation of the programmed operation, offering the possibility to automatically select the preset operation or to call it back later, and to immediately carry it out.

To this, it joins other distinctive elements as the interface personalization, the retrace mode, the real-time design with zoom, the automatic restore after work stoppage, the graphic research in order to set the cutting start point, DRF modus, G62 function to guarantee the programmed feed, and finally the automatic tool change management.


Interface Personalization
Possibility to set up a generic image on the main page (for instance the builder’s logo), to define the PLC keys menu, and to control from the PLC the displaying of totally configurable and interactive windows

Retrace Mode
Designed to use in order to reposition the cutting head at any point on the profile which has already been processed

Real-Time Graphics
The program is provided with a manual and/or an automatic zoom to visualize the plate contour

Automatic restore after work stoppage
After repositioning on the profile, there is the option to return to tangential or linear mode, with activation of cutting on or external to the profile

Graphics Research
The set-up of the cutting start point

Acquisition and automatic management of plate misalignment

Flexible Management of the Production
Possibility to suspend the current operation, to begin another, and, in the end, to restart the first one automatically

DRF Modus
This modus allows the real-time translation of the profile origin

Height Control Management
Height control, particularly for plasma cutting.
There is one simplified version and one version where the CNC directly interfaces the plasma generator, piloting a generic drive with analogical interface +/- 10 V or digital link

G62 Function
It guarantees the programmed feed and consequently the torch height control, also during the execution of small arcs
Milling / Drilling Unit Management
Automatic Tool Change Management

• Up to 16 axes interpolated
• Monitor 15” LCD – Integrated Touch Screen
• Peripheral Interface: EtherCAT to manage BDF Digital Link, Mechatrolink® 2 and analogic drives
• Up to 2048 I/O with EtherCAT
• Machine panel with joystick (Optional)
• Qwerty keyboard (Optional)

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