Waterjet Cutting Metal

A Comprehensive Look at the Future of Efficient Metalworking

Waterjet Cutting Metal


The Cutting Edge Technology: Waterjet Metal Cutting

As a business owner or an operator in the manufacturing industry, it’s crucial to be familiar with the most efficient technologies available. Waterjet cutting, a powerful and sophisticated technology, is one such game-changer. It offers an unparalleled edge, especially when it comes to cutting metal. Using a high-pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive particles, waterjet cutting enables precision and versatility in cutting a wide range of materials, including various metals.

Why Choose Waterjet Cutting Over Other Cutting Techniques?

When comparing different cutting techniques such as laser or plasma cutting, you will find that waterjet cutting stands out for various reasons. It’s not just about its ability to cut through tough materials; it’s also about its versatility, precision, and cost-effectiveness. At VICHOR, we understand the importance of these factors and that’s why we offer superior waterjet cutting machines to ensure you get the best results for your business.

Understanding the Versatility of Waterjet Cutting Metal

The Wide Application Spectrum: From Titanium to Aluminum

One of the key selling points of waterjet cutting technology is its wide range of applications. Unlike other techniques, waterjet cutting is not limited to a few types of metals. It can cut virtually any material. This includes tough metals like titanium and softer metals like aluminum. What’s more, it can cut these metals with a thickness of up to 12”/305 mm, giving you the flexibility to handle a variety of projects.

VICHOR Waterjet Cutting MetalThe Precision Advantage: Cutting up to 12”/305 mm with Waterjet

Precision is a critical factor in the manufacturing industry. The more precise the cut, the higher the quality of the final product. This is where waterjet cutting excels. With its high-pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive particles, it can cut metal with remarkable precision. Whether you’re dealing with thick sheets of steel or delicate sheets of aluminum, you can rest assured that a VICHOR waterjet cutter will deliver precise cuts every time.

A Cost-Effective Solution: Abrasive Waterjet vs. Laser Systems

In the battle of cost-effectiveness, abrasive waterjet systems take the trophy. When compared to laser systems, waterjet cutting technology is often the more economical choice for several reasons. First, the initial investment for a waterjet system is generally lower than that of a comparable laser system. Second, waterjet systems are less expensive to operate and maintain, saving you money in the long run. Lastly, since waterjet cutting does not cause heat-affected zones (HAZ) or require secondary finishing, you save on additional processing costs. VICHOR’s waterjet machines epitomize these cost benefits, ensuring that you get high-quality cuts without breaking the bank.

Waterjet Cutting: A Cold Cutting Process Revolutionizing Industries

Heat Sensitive Industries: The Role of Waterjet Cutting in Automotive, Medical, and Aerospace

Waterjet cutting has been a game-changer in industries where heat-sensitive materials are prevalent, such as automotive, medical, and aerospace. Traditional cutting methods often generate heat, which can alter the properties of the material being cut. Waterjet cutting, on the other hand, is a cold cutting process, meaning it does not produce heat that could affect the material’s properties. This makes it an ideal solution for these industries where the integrity of the material is paramount.

The Multifaceted Nature of Waterjet Cutting: From Rapid Hole Drilling to Detailed Cuts

The versatility of waterjet cutting doesn’t stop at the variety of materials it can cut. It also extends to the range of cuts it can perform. Waterjet cutting is capable of drilling quick holes, making intricate cuts for automotive parts, or even creating detailed and complex designs for decorative pieces. Regardless of your project’s demands, waterjet cutting offers a flexible and efficient solution that meets your needs.

The VICHOR Waterjet Cutting Machine: An Unmatched Solution for Waterjet Cutting Metal

The Power of VICHOR’s Abrasive Additive: Clean, Burr-Free Cuts

The secret to the superior cutting ability of VICHOR’s waterjet machines lies in the power of our abrasive additive. This proprietary additive enhances the cutting power of the waterjet, enabling it to cut through even the toughest metals with ease. The result is a clean, burr-free cut that requires minimal to no secondary finishing. This means less time spent on finishing and more time on what matters most – producing quality products.

The Efficiency of Waterjet Machines: Saving Time and Money with VICHOR

At VICHOR, we understand that time is money. That’s why our waterjet machines are designed for efficiency. They cut faster and more accurately, reducing production time and minimizing waste. Plus, because our machines deliver such clean cuts, you’ll save on the costs of secondary finishing. With VICHOR, you’re not just investing in a waterjet cutting machine; you’re investing in a solution that boosts your productivity and improves your bottom line.

Advantages of Metal Waterjet Cutting with VICHOR

Ensuring Material Integrity: No Deformation, No Hardening

When cutting with a waterjet machine from VICHOR, you can be assured of the integrity of your materials. Since waterjet cutting is a cold process, it eliminates the risks of deformation and hardening that can occur with other cutting methods. This means your metals maintain their original properties, ensuring the highest quality for your final product.

Preserving Metal Structure: The Absence of Heat Affected Zones (HAZ)

The generation of heat can cause Heat Affected Zones (HAZ) in many cutting processes, leading to changes in the metal structure that can impact its strength and durability. However, with waterjet cutting, this is not a concern. The cold cutting process ensures that the metal structure remains unaffected, preserving its integrity and prolonging its life.

Prioritizing Safety: No Hazardous Fumes or Vapors

Safety is paramount in any manufacturing process. With VICHOR’s waterjet cutting machines, you can put your safety concerns at ease. Since the cutting process uses water and abrasive particles, it doesn’t produce hazardous fumes or vapors. This not only creates a safer working environment but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable manufacturing process.

Minimizing Rework: The High Precision of Waterjet Cutting

The precision of waterjet cutting with VICHOR machines means there is minimal to no need for rework. This saves you time and reduces the overall cost of your projects. Whether you’re cutting intricate designs or making straight cuts, you can trust VICHOR’s waterjet machines to deliver precise and accurate results every time.

The VICHOR Assurance: The Unique Two-Year Warranty

Quality that Speaks: VICHOR’s Reputation Among Customers

At VICHOR, we stand behind the quality of our waterjet cutting machines. That’s why we offer a unique two-year warranty, a testament to the confidence we have in our products. Our reputation among customers speaks for itself; we are known for the reliability, durability, and performance of our waterjet machines.

VICHOR’s Unparalleled After-Sales Service

But our commitment to you doesn’t end with the sale. We also offer unparalleled after-sales service. We understand the importance of maintaining your waterjet cutting machines in optimal condition and are here to support you long after your purchase. Whether you need technical assistance, maintenance services, or simply advice on maximizing your machine’s performance, VICHOR is just a call away.

Metal Water Jet Cutting
Using VICHOR waterjet and its ability to cut faster with greater accuracy opens up a new market for me. Using VICHOR waterjet, parts that had been cut using an EDM can now be cut on waterjet at far faster speeds and lower cost.
Stewart Glegg, Engineer
VICHOR waterjet is a good machine that is a real time saver. It has increased our productivity and improved output on our shop floor. We constantly ask ourselves “what did we ever do before the waterjets?”
Hetal Kalariya, Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions about Waterjet Cutting Metal

What materials can a waterjet cutter process?

Waterjet cutting is incredibly versatile and can process a wide range of materials. This includes all types of metals such as steel, aluminum, brass, and even titanium. Beyond metals, waterjet cutters can also handle materials like glass, stone, and composites.

How does waterjet cutting compare to laser and plasma cutting?

While laser and plasma cutting have their own advantages, waterjet cutting offers a unique set of benefits. It can cut thicker materials, offers greater precision, and is less expensive than laser systems. Additionally, as a cold cutting process, waterjet cutting doesn’t cause heat-affected zones (HAZ), preserving the structural integrity of the material.

Why is waterjet cutting considered a cold cutting process?

Waterjet cutting is referred to as a cold cutting process because it does not generate heat that can affect the material being cut. This is due to the fact that the cutting is accomplished using a high-pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive particles, not heat.

What makes VICHOR’s waterjet machines standout in the industry?

VICHOR’s waterjet machines stand out due to their superior quality, precision, and cost-effectiveness. Our machines ensure clean, burr-free cuts that minimize the need for secondary finishing. Furthermore, VICHOR offers a unique two-year warranty and unparalleled after-sales service, providing customers with complete peace of mind.

What are the safety benefits of using waterjet cutting?

Waterjet cutting provides several safety benefits. It doesn’t produce hazardous fumes or vapors, making it a safer option for workers. Moreover, since it’s a cold cutting process, it reduces the risk of burns or fires.

How does VICHOR’s warranty and after-sales service compare to competitors?

VICHOR is the only company in the industry to offer a two-year warranty for the entire machine, showcasing our confidence in the quality and durability of our products. We also pride ourselves on our exceptional after-sales service, ready to assist our customers with their technical and maintenance needs.


VICHOR Waterjet

The Future of Metal Cutting: Embracing Waterjet Technology with VICHOR

The future of metal cutting is here, and it’s powered by waterjet technology. As industries evolve and the demand for precision and efficiency grows, waterjet cutting emerges as a clear choice. By choosing VICHOR, you’re not just getting a waterjet machine; you’re investing in a comprehensive cutting solution that brings your business into the future.

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