Waterjet Cutting Tables

CNC waterjet cutting table is an essential part of VICHOR waterjet machine, mainly made of five parts: tank part, cutting part, lubricating part, CNC towing part, X & Y & Z-Axis driving parts.

Components of VICHOR waterjet cutting table

  • Tank part: a platform frame, a water tank, grids, grid angles, etc.
  • X & Y & Z-Axis driving parts: a rail platform, linear rails, ball screws, bearings, supporting nuts, sliding blocks, etc.
  • Cutting part: a high-pressure pipeline, a water control switch, an abrasive vessel and cutting heads, etc.
  • Lubricating part: a piston pump, an oil filter, a metering device, etc.
  • CNC towing part: X-Axis & Y-Axis motors, a Z-axis stepper motor, a synchronous pulley, etc.

The core function of the CNC cutting table is cutting intricate patterns with pressurized water under computer control. The Cutting table effectively guarantees the workpiece accuracy of various graphs via the IPC control and with the help of linear rails, ball screws, and servo motors. VICHOR waterjet cutting tables are able to not only process on the X & Y table but realize manual or automatic vertical adjustment in the Z-Axis redirection. The flexibility to a large extent meets the technical requirements of cutting various materials.

VICHOR waterjet cutting table has cantilever type and gantry type. The Cantilever type is designed for intricate small workpieces processing with its small size, simple structure, and short X & Y travels, while the Gantry type is for intricate large workpieces with its large size, complex structure, and long X & Y travels.

We have waterjet cutting tables in different kinds and sizes and have made them a system. To match the market demand, we have produced large, super-large, and vertical CNC cutting tables.

Features of VICHOR waterjet cutting table

  • To drag and move the beams, the table motion part is equipped with servo motors, a stepper motor (Z-Axis), and a helpful mechanical structure of linear rails and screwballs. When machining, the control system will perform linear and circular interpolation for cutting accuracy.
  • The IPC executes DXF files and G code signals by AutoCAD to cut intricate workpieces. The capability meets the requirements of production to a large extent.
  • We have a series of large, medium, small and special models for processing workpieces of various sizes, ranging from small to super-large.
  • X & Y & Z-Axes get double protection of hard limit and soft limit, so over-travel will trigger an immediate alarm.
  • The table is filled up with water to reduce splash effectively. Meanwhile, abrasives are collected and material remains are recycled for the sake of the environment.
  • The drain valve makes it convenient to clean sewage and wastes off the table.

VICHOR Waterjets design and manufacture the waterjet cutting table system that works best for your cutting application, and always work hard to ensure that you and your employees are trained with all the tools and support your need for success and higher profits.

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