Waterjet Pump Systems


Longer Running Life – Reduced Operating Costs – Ease of Operation and Maintenance

From low cost, self contained, entry-level systems all the way to the powerhouse of the VICHOR Waterjet Pump family, VICHOR Waterjet pumps have industrially-proven performance, reliability in thousands of installations worldwide and are powered by VICHOR patented intensifier technology.

Patent CertificateVICHOR Waterjet pumps offer reduced operating costs, a longer running life and ease of operation and maintenance. VICHOR is the only waterjet designer and manufacturer to handcraft its high-pressure waterjet cutting pumps, components and replacement parts. Everything from frame welding to patented technology is created onsite by VICHOR’s skilled team of engineers and machinists.

No matter the industry or size of your business, VICHOR Waterjet can work with you to create a variety of waterjet cutting solutions designed to meet your individual cutting needs.

Features of VICHOR Waterjet Pumps:
– Easy to maintain with simple structure.
– The core of the ultra-high pressure intensifier is made of imported parts.
– Life-lasting consumable parts reduce equipment costs.
– Precise electronic commutation is highly-reliable.
– Piston rod of special ceramic materials is highly-durable.
– PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is adopted over intermediate relay and time relay for better stability.
– Large high pressure accumulator ensures the pressure stability and enhances cutting capabilities.
– Hydraulic variable displacement pump reduces energy consumption.

Nominal Power Rate50hp (37kW)50hp (37kW)50hp (37kW)100hp (75kW)
Max. Pressure Range55,000psi (3,792bar)60,000psi (4,137bar)60,000psi (4,137bar)60,000psi (4,137bar)
Max. Water Flow Rate0.98gpm (3.71lpm)0.98gpm (3.71lpm)1.0gpm (3.79lpm)1.90gpm (7.20lpm)
Max. Single Orifice Diameter0.013” (0.330mm)0.013” (0.330mm)0.014” (0.356mm)0.018” (0.45mm)
Length68.70” (1,745mm)67.52” (1,715mm)67.52” (1,715mm)82.68” (2,100mm)
Width41.14” (1,045mm)40.75” (1,035mm)40.75” (1,035mm)50.00” (1,270mm)
Height53.15” (1,350mm)46.89” (1,191mm)46.89” (1,191mm)55.91” (1,420mm)
Weight2,646lb (1,200kg)2,260lb (1,025kg)2,260lb (1,025kg)3,748lb (1,700kg)

The Global Leader in Waterjet Cutting Solutions. Top One in China’s Waterjet Cutting Market.

At VICHOR, we give shape to our customers’ vision with the world’s leading industrial cutting solutions. Every day we help individuals and companies around the world envision better, smarter, and more efficient ways to produce the products that shape our world. So whether you’re cutting precision parts in North America, constructing a pipeline in Norway, fabricating agricultural machinery in Brazil, cutting stone in Italy, gouging out welds in the mines of South Africa, or building a skyscraper in China, you can count on VICHOR to help you not just cut parts but achieve your vision.