Vertical Machining Centers

Vertical Machining Centers 150520001



From micro-machined parts that are measured in microns to workpieces weighing up to 15,400 lbs., VICHOR vertical machining centers are creating the parts and die/molds that matter with precision, accuracy, repeatability and surface finishes that virtually eliminate bench work.

ModelTable SizeXYZRapid TraverseSpindle RPMSpindle Taper
VICHOR VMC700800x420mm700mm440mm530mm48000 mm/min8000BT40
VICHOR VMC8501000x500mm850mm520mm550mm36000 mm/min8000BT40
VICHOR VMC10001200x520mm1000mm520mm550mm36000 mm/min8000BT40
VICHOR VMC11001300x610mm1100mm630mm610mm36,000 mm/min (X & Y), 24,000 mm/min (Z)7000BT40
VICHOR VMC13001400x700mm1300mm700mm700mm30,000 mm/min (X & Y), 24,000 mm/min (Z)6000BT50
VICHOR VMC16001700x800mm1600mm800mm800mm18,000 mm/min6000BT50

What is Vertical Machining?

Vertical Machining, also known as milling, relies on rotary cutters to remove metal from a workpiece. Vertical machining occurs on a vertical machining center (VMC), which employs a spindle with a vertical orientation. With a vertically oriented spindle, tools stick straight down from the tool holder, and often cut across the top of a workpiece.

Why VICHOR Vertical Machining Centers?

While our vertical machining centers range in size and capacity, we design each one with quality, reliability, ease of operation and safety in mind. Furthermore, thanks to our Production-On-Demand manufacturing philosophy, all of our vertical machining centers incorporate the latest, most advanced milling technology for boosting productivity and growing your business.