LM SERIES are modeled products of VICHOR LASER which feature aesthetic appearance and compact structure.  The machine consists of single cutting table, control cabinet, fiber laser, laser cutting head, CNC system, water chiller, air conditioner, voltage-stabilized source and extract system.

Main Parameters

Item Model
LM2513 LM3015 LM4020
Effective size(mm) 2500*1250 3000*1500 4000*2000
Max process height(mm) 90

Effective stroke

X axis(mm) 2550 3050 4050
Y axis(mm) 1300 1550 2050
Z axis(mm) 100

Position accuracy

X axis(mm/m) ±0.03
Y axis(mm/m) ±0.03
Z axis(mm/m) ±0.01



X axis(mm) ±0.02
Y axis(mm) ±0.02
Z axis(mm) ±0.005
Fast positioning


X axis(m/min) 72
Y axis(m/min) 72
Z axis(m/min) 15
Max cutting speed 30m/min
Max cutting thickness 16mm/CS; 6mm/SS
Power consumption 12.1kw/h
Protection level IP54
Machine weight (Ton) 3.58 4.35 5.12
Size L*W*H(mm) 3420*1785*1346 4116*2165*1346 5628*2950*1346

Machine Parts List

No Item Brand Origin
1 Machine Qiaolian China
2 AC Qiaolian China
3 Fiber laser Raycus/IPG China/Germany
4 Laser head Raytools AG Swiss
5 Chiller Tongfei China
6 CNC controller Cypcut China
7 Gear rack YYC Taiwan
8 Linear guide Bosh Rexroth Germany
9 Servo Yaskawa Japan
10 Gearbox Shimpo Japan
11 Ratio valve SMC Japan
12 Pressure valve Burkert Germany
13 Auto focus system BCS100/HYD China
14 Relay Schneider France
15 Software Qiaolian China