Waterjet Cutting Abrasives

The Most Extensive Line of Waterjet Cutting Abrasives in the Industry

VICHOR garnet abrasives for waterjet cutting are available in 6 grades. VICHOR’s products are designed to give waterjet cutting operators more options for performance and affordability, based on the precise application needs.

VICHOR waterjet cutting abrasives include:

Abrasive Garnet Grade A – Size 120# mesh
The ultimate garnet for waterjet cutting, VICHOR WCB-G120 high-performance garnet abrasives are the industry standard for high-performance and cost-effective waterjet cutting.
● Cuts faster with better edge quality

Abrasive Garnet Grade A – Size 80# mesh
A highly versatile, alluvial garnet abrasive. Combines reliable quality and excellent waterjet cutting performance, ideal for a host of applications from thick steel, stone, and aluminum to composites, ceramics, glass and more.
● A workhorse garnet for any application
● Available in two grades

Abrasive Garnet Grade A – Size 60# mesh
Economical, General-Purpose Abrasive. VICHOR WCB-G60 products are a medium-grade abrasive with solid cutting ability across a wide range of materials at an affordable cost.
● Solid cutting and affordable

At VICHOR, we give shape to our customers’ vision with the world’s leading industrial cutting solutions. Every day we help individuals and companies around the world envision better, smarter, and more efficient ways to produce the products that shape our world. So whether you’re cutting precision parts in North America, constructing a pipeline in Norway, fabricating agricultural machinery in Brazil, cutting stone in Italy, gouging out welds in the mines of South Africa, or building a skyscraper in China, you can count on VICHOR to help you not just cut parts but achieve your vision.